1 Hr Vocal Production

1 Hr Vocal Production


This one of a kind service is uniquely intended for Producers and Recording Artists. It is a natural marriage between voice coach and record producer. Most record producers prefer to produce a singer and not vocal coach a singer when recording a project. Many producers don’t know how to solve singing problems quickly to continue the recording session. Many recording artists “burn out” after only one song is recorded. MzLyndia has been working with producers for years and will be on site at the recording studio working side by side with the record producer to help enhance the singer’s voice and ensure the producer can capture the best tone/timbre and vocal delivery possible all while avoiding costly delays, giving the producer the freedom to do their THANG…create a highly marketable and vocally attractive finished product.

In-Studio Vocal Production. Minimum of 5 Hrs.

Note: List Price Includes 4% Card Processing Charge

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