Voice Coaching Professional


Lyndia Johnson, known in the Music Industry and among her students as “MzLyndia” is not your average vocal coach. From touring with artists to collaborating with producers and label executives, MzLyndia has spotlighted the need for vocal artist development in the music industry for 25 years.  Her celebrated abilities as a vocal coach and in artist development are highly respected; she has served on the Board of Governors for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and has been the direct vocal consultant for the Grammys. Her relationship with the Recording Academy has been a long recognized and well-respected collaboration.  

MzLyndia holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Voice and has advanced studies in Vocal Anatomy and Physiology, Vocal Acoustics and Comparative Vocal Pedagogy. Her expertise in CCM Vocal Pedagogy (Contemporary Commercial Music), is a unique combination of years of operatic study (MzLyndia was a well established opera singer before becoming a vocal coach) and growing up singing Gospel Music; influenced by the voices of Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Mahalia Jackson, she brings to her expertise the best of both worlds; an avid vocal scientist which informs her contemporary musical instructional style and is highly sought after among R&B, Gospel, Pop and Rock singers.

MzLyndia has lectured on the voice for the Pacific Voice/Speech Foundation at UCLA, University of Illinois Chicago Hospital of Voice/Speech Therapy and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to name a few. MzLyndia will serve USC in a unique "hybrid" position as an Associate Professor of BOTH Pop and Musical Theater Voice in the Fall of 2020 and is currently writing her first book entitled “POpera”; an instructional guide for Opera Singers who desire to Crossover into Pop Music.



Sterling Voice Coaching (SVC), founded in 1995 by Lyndia Johnson, “MzLyndia”, is the first stop for singers who have never studied or trained their voice. SVC educates singers who have been singing for years “unaware” of how to sing.  MzLyndia calls this, singing with talent and No Skill!  Which is a recipe for disaster for any new singer.  


Sterling Voice Coaching is an exciting and innovative approach to voice coaching for ages 14 and up with specific attention given to adolescent boy singers experiencing the dreaded “vocal transitional” phase of life.  SVC provides complete vocal coaching and training at this very important time for all new singers and singers who have been poorly or never developed.  SVC works on all singing styles specializing in methods that produce healthy, beautiful, easy singing. 


Sterling Voice Coaching’s clientele consists of singers of all genres and styles in addition, SVC works side by side with producers who desire assistance with singers during recording sessions.  “An important aspect of effective vocal coaching is “the style of singing does not have to change to get great recording results.” 


Sterling Voice Coaching provides vocal coaching that prevents vocal loss, promotes longevity that is easy to maintain.  A great start for any new singer on the journey to discovering their singing and all its possibilities!