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Sterling Voice Coaching offers a variety of services to singers in any stage of their musical journey.

Comprehensive Vocal Study


Private Studies: Adults Ages 18+

  • Voice Instruction - Pop, R&B, Rock, Country and Musical Theater/Vocal Development

  • Voice Anatomy — The Human Instrument

  • Voice Restoration - Sufferers of chronic hoarseness, vocal fatigue, nodules and polyps

  • Diction/Song Interpretation - Can I Understand You?

  • Repertoire - Should I Be Singing This?/What is my voice type?

  • Pre Concert Vocal Prep — Before you go on tour

  • Complete Preparation - Audition Techniques

Private Studies: Young Adults Ages 12 - 17

  • Voice Instruction - Pop, R&B, Rock, Country and Musical Theater/(Age-appropriate vocal training)

  • Voice Anatomy (Basic Overview) — The Human Instrument

  • Diction/Song Interpretation - Can I Understand You?

  • Repertoire — Should I Be Singing This?/What is my voice type?

  • Boys - Vocal Transitional Coaching

Choir Coaching

Calling all Choir Directors/Ministers of Music

Choral Dynamics is designed specifically for choirs interested in voice part instruction. Each voice part is trained as a group on proper vocal production, tone quality, breathing and maintaining proper pitch as a section. Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses are trained specifically for their voice category on the proper balance required for a unified sound as a section and then as a choir. All four voice parts are blended to create a beautiful unified choral sound.

Voice Production


Producers/Recording Artists

This one of a kind service is uniquely intended for Producers and Recording Artists. It is a natural marriage between voice coach and record producer. Most record producers prefer to produce a singer and not vocal coach a singer when recording a project. Many producers don’t know how to solve singing problems quickly to continue the recording session. Many recording artists “burn out” after only one song is recorded. MzLyndia has been working with producers for years and will be on site at the recording studio working side by side with the record producer to help enhance the singer’s voice and ensure the producer can capture the best tone/timbre and vocal delivery possible all while avoiding costly delays, giving the producer the freedom to do their THANG…create a highly marketable and vocally attractive finished product.

Audition Coaching

For Talent Shows and Auditions

Auditioning can be a difficult and nerve-wracking endeavor! As an Associate Professor of Popular Voice at USC, MzLyndia regularly auditions young singers from around the world, and has discovered the secret to helping singers give a dynamic, relaxed vocal delivery that displays their best. MzLyndia has developed a proven remedy that will help singers preparing for that big audition harness their fear and use it to work for them. Improving overall performance that will land that gig!

Masterclass/Lecturer & Educator


Universities, Seminars, Music Organization

MzLyndia has been lecturing for years and is a highly sought after speaker at universities, music seminars and vocal health conferences. Her expertise on CCM Vocal Pedagogy (Contemporary Commercial Music), is a unique combination of years of operatic study (MzLyndia was a well established opera singer before becoming a vocal coach) and growing up influenced by the voices of Aretha, Gladys, Etta James and Mahalia Jackson. MzLyndia brings to her expertise the best of both worlds. An avid vocal scientist which informs her contemporary musical instructional style. MzLyndia lectures are widely sought after by fellow vocal coaches, singers and students. Of particular interest is her ability to create the “power singer” without injury or strain on the voice and how to brand that voice for a recording career! Something singers and teachers of singing have been trying to accomplish for years.