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Vocal Health

In 1995, MzLyndia Johnson went on a mission and began an intensive study with speech and voice pathologists to uncover the mysteries behind vocal problems and how to prevent them in the first place! Ms. Johnson maintains that good vocal health is mandatory if one desires not just a career as a vocal artist but vocal longevity.

β€œToo many singers lose their voices or burn out prematurely. Vocal Artists should enjoy beautiful singing throughout their entire career. Unfortunately, all too often, many singers suffer a vocal meltdown very early in their career, sometimes before the age of 40! This is due in large part to poor training, poor technique and even poorer performing habits and vocal maintenance.”

Sterling Voice Coaching, Ltd., focuses on all vocal styles but particularly R&B, Gospel and Pop, which require a style of singing that can lead to early vocal deterioration, muscular breakdown, vocal fatigue and ultimately pre-mature vocal loss!

Sterling Voice Coaching, Ltd., believes that informing the vocal artist on the formation and the actions of the vocal organs is more useful than harmful to the rising singer. Some dangers to the voice are quite real. Once this process of understanding vocal pathology is brought into the light and interpreted correctly, the singer will be equipped to discern between real dangers and imagined ones.

The human voice is a work of art, the less one changes it, the more one respects its original structure. The best vocal coaching is one that prevents vocal loss and helps the artists create or maintain a beautiful instrument.

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