SingersIN60 is a one-of-a-kind Training Experience like none other.  After years of research on the voice and artist development, Legendary Music Industry Vocal Coach, “MzLyndia” created this vocal training program all singers should experience at least once a year as a vocal “re-boot.” 

SingersIN60 is not for the faint of heart.  MzLyndia developed this training regimen to support singers performing weekly club gigs, auditioning, rehearsals, or constantly recording. Singers’ whose vocal demands far exceed those of the beginner singer or “once-in-a-while” performer.

SingersIN60 has a unique approach to enhancing, developing and troubleshooting the most difficult voices while addressing all of the concerns active singers encounter throughout their career – Branding Your Sound, Stamina, Getting That Breathing Thing Down Once and For All, Developing A Tone That Lasts, Song Arrangements Right for You, Recording Your Voice, Mixed Voice, Belting With Ease, Performance Coaching (that live show), Vocal Cord Injuries, Healthy Living for Singers… and much more. 

“Let Me” Featuring SVC Artist - Kenya

In 6-weeks the singer will engage in specially designed vocal troubleshooting targeting problem areas that will correct and improve their singing and maintain results long-term; leading to a lifetime of great singing without fear or worry of vocal failure!  

With the help of Professional Performance Coaches, Brand Coaches and Producers, singers will end the 6-weeks performing in the "SingersIN60 Live” a musical Jam for the Burbank community with a live band. Walk away singing like NEVER before!

If you like Red Table Talk, you’ll love SingersIN60.  In addition to an intensive Training Regimen, SingersIN60’s Podcast Series will examine all issues concerning singers today.  We will tackle topics especially important to Emerging Artists and diving into the shady-side of the Music Business.  SingersIN60 will be a vocal forum for singers and those associated in the development of singers; with personal insights and advice from singers and Music Industry Professionals.  Hosted by MzLyndia, Let’s Talk Singers and get it done in 60min….SingersIN60!